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Related to educational activities, the IATS aims to develop professionals who can apply and disseminate HTA in the context of health care. The training of human resources is an important foundation, enabling researchers, managers and users to undertake HTA related studies, while providing greater integration among expertise areas of the IATS researchers. The courses are offered by the Post-graduate University programs and independently, according to target audience.

Education Activities: 

Masters and Phd program in HTA.

Graduate program in Epidemiology - UFRGS
Graduate program in Cardiology – UFRGS
Graduate program in Economy - UFRGS
Graduate program in Medical Science - UERJ
Graduate program in Preventive Medicine - FMUSP

Master degree in epidemiology: evaluation and management of health technology.

• Professional Masters Degree Program in Epidemiology - UFRGS

Expertise Degree in health technology assessment.

• The course Postgraduate Sensu Lato, ODL mode, will run for 12 months and consists of the following modules:
Module 1 - Epidemiology and Health Services
Module 2 - Methodology for Technology Assessment in Health
Module 3 - Funding in Health
Module 4 - Analysis of cost effectiveness
The vacancies will be primarily aimed at managers of Health, totaling 35 participants per class.
Supervision: Teachers Carisi Anne Polanczyk (UFRGS) and Bruce Duncan (UFRGS)
General Coordination: Teaching Cristiana Maria Toscano (UFG) and Luciane Birth Cruz (UFRGS)
Partner institutions: UERJ (Prof. Luciana Bahia), UNB (Prof. Maria Regina Fernandes), USP (Prof. Patricia soarez)
Home Course: August 6, 2012 - vacancies for two consecutive classes will be opened in 2012 and 2013.
Registrations open from 9 to 18 May 2012.
Check out the notice of selection.
For more information write to: contato@iats.com.br

Training of Reserchers in Applied economic analysis and ATS.

• MBA em Economy ans Health Management

Postdoctoral program in Health Technology Evaluation.

• Training Courses for short and long term

Training Courses for short and long term.

• Course Systematic Review ans Meta-Analysis